Of The Word ~ Prokaryotic Cells differences with Eukaryotic Cells. On Earth, there are two major types of cells: prokaryotic and eukaryotic. Prokaryotic cells are the simplest and most ancient types of cells. They were the only form of life on Earth for billions of years before eventually giving rise

Of The Word ~ Fungi: Death Becomes Them. Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of fungi (fuhn-gahy), or fungi (fuhn-jahy). Both are acceptable pronunciations. But I say fungi because it’s fungus. Not fun-jus. Though fun-jus is also fun to say. Fungi are a little bit like plants, and more

Of The Word ~ Edit photos Absurd Front Two Sides in Photoshop. Hello friends .. I hope you have a lovely day This time I am going to share, how to create an absurd surreal photoshop effects Edit photos into two sides like this. Are you can guess? roughly this