Animal Kingdom- Porifera (ft. Skinny the Sponge)

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Of The Word ~ Animal Kingdom- Porifera (ft. Skinny the Sponge). Hello friends Let me introduce you to skinny the sponge It belongs to phylum porifera which mainly comprises of sponges this is a unique. Phylum in the entire animal kingdom so let’s study some important features of this phylum. These sponges are primarily aquatic in nature Most of them are marine but a few of them are fresh water forms so this is actually showing you the diagram of Sycon in this. You can see that there are several small pores that are known as Ostia and there is a single large opening at the top which is called the Osculum. These sponges have a unique canal system inside their body all of them are Sessile which means that they are incapable of movement so friends, if they are Sessile. Tthen how do they eat? how do they meet the requirement of the gases? how do they excrete out the waste?. Well, its through the water canal system which is unique to them in this diagram, you can see a Spongocoel.

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