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Blood Type: Why We Can Different Blood Type? Here’s why

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Of The Word ~ Blood Type: Why We Can Different Blood Type? Here’s why. How many human’s blood type? Maybe we have known There are A, B, AB, and O. But, as our friend asking why the blood type of human must be different? even thought, the colour was same Well, before 20th century. The scientiest thought every human had the same blood Because of that, a lot of pleople died By the wrong blood transfusion to their body And then, a scientiest named Karl Leindsteiner.


Found that the human’s blood divided for a few type And he classified by A, B, and O Basically, our blood type different Because our blood cell have something called Antigen People who have A Antigen. will have A blood types People who have B Antigen, will have B blood types People who have A and B Antigen. Will have AB blood type And people who have no A and B Antigen, will have O blood types Our imun system or antibody will read our antigen in this blood cell. If our antibody found a different blood cell from our original blood cell Antibody will think that was dangerous object to our body and will against them This against reaction, will inflict blood clotting and result DEATH.

But, blood types not only have 4 type Our blood type, actually have the positive and negative sign. The positive and negative signify Rhesus Factor in our blood Same as Antigen People who have Rhesus, their blood cannot accept by the people who have no Rhesus Because. Rhesus will identified As a dangerous object by our antibody So, may this article make us more understand our blood types system Then we will not think our blood types “influence” our exam score But precisely, make us realize A lot of people need blood donation from us And as usual, thankyou 🙂