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Of The Word ~ Reproductive system disorders can be caused by abnormalities of the reproductive system, the entry of germs and lifestyle is not good gonorrhea. The cause: the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae, transmitted through unprotected sex. Effect: inflammation of the reproductive organs resulting in infertility, eye disorders, joints and brain in infants.

Breathing with Lungs are Good and Right According to Health

Signs and symptoms: there is pus on the tip of the urinary tract and burning during urination, symptoms will appear 3 days after infection (sex) modes of transmission: through free sex, sex with multiple sexual partners, especially with commercial sex hawkers. Never wanted to try free sex, if you do not want to harm.The moral is: be responsible minimal with yourself, dear self and family, remember what we do no god who oversees Syphilis (the Lion King). Cause: bacteria Treponema pallidum Symptoms: sores on the genitals, freckles or red spots on the body, neurological disorders, heart, blood vessels and skin.

The symptoms can be seen in the long term result: damage to the reproductive organs, at an advanced stage syphilis attacks the liver, nervous system and brain