Of The Word ~ Animal Kingdom- Porifera (ft. Skinny the Sponge). Hello friends Let me introduce you to skinny the sponge It belongs to phylum porifera which mainly comprises of sponges this is a unique. Phylum in the entire animal kingdom so let’s study some important features of this phylum.

Of The Word ~ Newtons Laws. We’ve been talking a lot about the science of how things move — you throw a ball in the air, and there are ways to predict exactly how it will fall. But there’s something we’ve been leaving out: forces, and why they make things

Of The Word ~ Meiosis: Where the Sex Starts -The kind of reproduction. Reproduction! Always a popular topic, and one that I don’t mind saying that I’m personally interested in. The kind of reproduction that we’re most familiar with of course is sexual reproduction, where sperm meets egg, they share