Of The Word ~ Sony Xperia M5 – Quick Review (Indonesia). Sony Xperia M5 available in Black, White and Gold colour which very similar to Xperia Z5 Premium. Just like all Sony waterproof smartphone, Xperia M5 has a unibody design with cap to protect SIM card slot but no cap

Rechargeable Lithium ion batteries are everywhere – Electronics, tablets, laptops, cars and pretty much every single cell phone. And most of the time, these lithium batteries are incredibly safe. As long as the lithium fail-safes are in place. Fail-safes… that work. Samsung just, voluntarily, recalled an estimated 2 million Galaxy

Of The Word ~ Samsung Q7, Q8 and Q9 QLED series global launch – first look.  On Tuesday March 14th Samsung Electronics held a global launch event of its premium TVs under the name QLED. Samsung selected Paris, known as “the City of Lights,” to unveil its new TVs that

Of The Word ~ Samsung Q7F QLED TV Review. We are testing today the Samsung Q7F QLED TV. Samsung made a lot of fuss about QLED, but it is still an LCD TV. It’s a good TV, but it is not significantly better than last year’s model like the KS8000,