Of The Word ~ Sony Xperia M5 – Quick Review (Indonesia). Sony Xperia M5 available in Black, White and Gold colour which very similar to Xperia Z5 Premium. Just like all Sony waterproof smartphone, Xperia M5 has a unibody design with cap to protect SIM card slot but no cap

Of The Word ~ Meiosis: Where the Sex Starts -The kind of reproduction. Reproduction! Always a popular topic, and one that I don’t mind saying that I’m personally interested in. The kind of reproduction that we’re most familiar with of course is sexual reproduction, where sperm meets egg, they share

Of The Word ~ Reproductive system disorders can be caused by abnormalities of the reproductive system, the entry of germs and lifestyle is not good gonorrhea. The cause: the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae, transmitted through unprotected sex. Effect: inflammation of the reproductive organs resulting in infertility, eye disorders, joints and brain