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Sony Xperia X Rear Camera Repair Guide

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Of The Word ~ Sony Xperia X Rear Camera Repair. Tutorials Sony Xperia X Rear Camera Repair. When you wanna take a photo, the camera is blurred and it can not auto-focus. Or when you opened the camera app you can see nothing but a dark screen. Heat up the edge. Focus on the bottom. Use plastic or poker card to open the Back Cover. Loosened the side strip at the bottom. Remove the side strip. Insert the card to gap and remove the Back Cover. Release the Rear Camera flex cable. and remove it. Tear down the protective rubber, and put it on the new Rear Camera. Connect the flex cable. Power on and test the camera. Test if it could work and auto-focus normally.

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Of The Word ~ Sony Xperia X Rear Camera Repair. Put on the Back Cover Sticker. Make the sticker adhere to the Back Cover. Remove the protective film. Put back the Back Cover. Make it match well to the phone. Put back the side strip. P.S. Don’t forget to clean up the old sticker at first..